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Rad Rounds


RAD Rounds serve up three times the relief with firm density that busts up tension in sensitive spots like the neck, feet and hands. These balls are specifically designed for the body, not sports, which is lot more than a tennis ball or “whatever’s around the house” can claim. So when you want something that’s built for the job, choose from our three pressure-seeking sizes that comfortably fit where other tools can’t. And for those who crave even more control and focused release, pair these babies with the RAD Block.

RAD Rounds have the small size and pinpoint precision to mobilize muscles that other tools can’t touch. With three sizes and three different densities, these balls serve up infinite options when it comes to tackling your tough spots. Purchase includes one large, one medium and one small RAD Round.

  • Dimensions: Large round 2.2" diameter, medium round 1.6" diameter, small round .75" diameter
  • Materials: Silicone
  • Color: Large round green, medium round blue, small round black
  • Unit weight: Large round 3.6 oz, medium round 1.6 oz, small round .3 oz.
    How to use
    The large round offers next-level precision beyond the RAD Roller by takingthings down to a single sphere. The small round is like a little blue bullet of concentrated release.It releases tight (and tiny) muscles throughout the hands, feet and face. This marble-sized roller might look small, but it packs the power to gently unlock the smallest of muscles. Warm up with the larger Rounds, then go deep and precise with this tiny titan.
    Set of three Rounds Lifetime guarantee BPA, latex and plastic free Made of eco-friendly silicone
    Roller and works like a charm on hamstrings, hips and calves (sit on it), neck and shoulders (lay on it) and flushing the muscles in the feet (roll on it).Runners and high-heel wearers will love this little guy to point release aching feet.Best used on the hands, feet and facial muscles.