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Elsa Sleep+

These Glasses that Blocks 100% of the Blue and Green Light from 400 nm - 550 nm. That Lowers Stress hormones allowing for a soothing sleep. 

The Look - Young, fresh and playful, Elsa is all about fun

Frame Fit - Kids - 4-11 years

    How to use it ?
    Clinical trials and academic studies have clearly shown that blue and green light in the range of 400-550nm suppresses melatonin. By blocking 100% of light in this range, our Sleep+ lens will allow optimal melatonin secretion, which means better, more restorative sleep & more energy.
    ents - lens – 46mm / bridge – 19mm / arms – 128mm
    The Design
    Beautiful multi-tonal acetate frame in universally suiting shape. Soft rounded angles keep the look casual whilst the playful energetic colors add personality to this frame.
    When to use it ?
    To be worn inside after sunset until bedtime, it promotes melatonin production - the sleep hormone when worn 2-3 hours before bed.